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    1. Largecolorful TFT display 320×240

    2. Measuringrange 200~900HL

    3. Highaccuracy and repeatability ±0.5% at800HL

    4. Conformto ASTM A 956

    5. ImpactDevice D is in standard delivery, optional Impact Device DC, DL, D+15, C and Gfor different application

    6. Based onHL value, conversion to HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS and Tensile strength is available

    7. 360° full angle measurement

    8. Memoryof 10,000 average readings in 100 files, data transfer without software

    9. Multi-languages and and Multi-national hardness standards

    10. Datatransfer to PC through USB without software or optional Bluetooth printer

    11. Autoshut down after two minutes without operation for saving power

    +Technical Specification

    +Standard Delivery

    1. Main Unit with integrated Impact D

    2. Certified Test block with HLD-value
    3. Cable
    4. Cleaning brush
    5. Small support ring
    6. Calibration Certificate

    7. User manual

    8. Carrying case

    +Optional Accessories

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